Source of Electric ( SoEL ) : An initiative towards Pioneering Green Solutions

SoEL is a bold new endeavor within the VST Group, poised to revolutionize the global mechanization sector with environmentally friendly solutions. Drawing upon over five decades of expertise in farm mechanization, SoEL's primary mission is to not only provide drivetrain solutions but also to innovate electric-based platforms for compact tractors, two-wheel walking tractors, and self-propelled gardening equipment. Through strategic collaborations with specialized solution providers, SoEL is committed to driving the transition towards net-zero emissions in the coming years.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Green Solutions with an objective of Cleaner , Safer and Healthier tomorrow. SoEL's product portfolio encompasses electric compact tractor drivetrains, electric drivetrains for walking tractors, and complete EV solutions tailored for sub-compact and compact tractor categories. Moreover, SoEL is dedicated to offering electric vehicle solutions that cater to the needs of small and marginal farmers across the globe.

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