Rotary Tiller

The Precision Implement Division has been established with the primary objective of offering a comprehensive farm mechanization solution for farmers, all under one roof. We are proud to introduce a unique range of Compact Rotavator series, available in sizes ranging from 2.5 ft to 4 ft, featuring cutting-edge Japanese technology and design. These models are offered in both Chain Drive and Gear Drive variants, ensuring fuel efficiency and minimal breakdown issues compared to other competitors. Our Shaktivator range is particularly well-suited for use in sugarcane, cotton, pulses, paddy, and orchard fields, accommodating tractors in the 18 to 30 HP range.

Our Products

    • Shaktivator
    • Horse Power Size : 900 – 1100 mm
    • engine Blades : 16 – 28 nos
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    • Stabilator
    • Horse Power Size : 800 – 1850 mm
    • engine Blades : 16 – 60 nos
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