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VST Shakti Viraaj XS 9042 DI

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  • VST Shakti Viraaj XS 9042 DI
Powerful 3 Cylinder Engine
Dual Clutch - Effective PTO Operation
Lifting Capacity - 1200 Kgs
Effective Brake with OIB System
8+2 Heavy Duty Transmission
Heavy Duty Adjustable Hitch
Heavy Duty Front Axle
Dry Type Air Cleaner
Wider Seat for Driver
Coolant Reservoir Tank
Model VST Shakti 9042 DI Viraaj XS  
Engine 3Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Water Cooled, Direct Injection, Diesel Engine (KOEL) Fuel efficient water cooled 3 - cylinder advanced engine
Displacement (swept volume) cc 2430 cc Minimum engine vibration and noise, Generate better torque
Output (HP) @ rated (rpm) 39 HP @ 2200 rpm Consistent Engine power at Rated RPM
Cooling system Forced circulation of Coolant & Water Ultra-cooling high density radiator for cool engine even after long operation hours
Fuel Tank Metallic - Above engine flywheel housing  
Fuel tank capacity 50 ltrs Run for long time with more fuelnbsp;
Air Cleaner Dry type - dual filter Supply 99.9% pure air to engine, it give better efficiency
Type Mechanical, Sliding mesh transmission Max. optimised operation at varying speeds and loads
No of Speeds 8 forward and 2 Reverse
Speed Range (Km/hr) Forward: 2.31 to 32.38
Reverse: 2.89 to 11.39
Ideal speed selections as required for specific operations
STD PTO (rpm) 540 STD and Reverse PTO (optional) Ideal for PTO related Operation
PTO (hp) 34 Best PTO HP in the Class and Best in the class for PTO operation
Steering Mechanical Less turning radius as compared to others
Clutch Single clutch More contact area- better life, hence less maintenance
Brake Oil Immersed Disc brake / Dry Disc Brake (optional) Safe and reliable 'Sure stop' technology
Smart hydraulic system Auto Draft and depth control (ADDC) High Capacity -Smart Hydraulic for Carrying loads up to 1200 Kg
Lifting capacity (kg) 1200 High lifting capacity with best sensing
Three point linkage CAT-II TYPE Rigid 3 point linkage suitable to use bigger implements
Overall Dimensions (L x B x H) (mm) 3700 x 1730 x 2160 Overall dimention are suitable for Agricultural and Haulage applications
Ground Clearance(mm) 385 (At Differential Housing) Best in its class
Weight (Kg) 2120 Overall Weight of the tractor is best for Agricultural & Haulage work
Wheel base (mm) 2005 Best wheelbase. More stability at higher speed due to its larger footprint on the road
Wheel Track (mm) Front: 1300 STD
Rear: 1360 STD
Designed to suit best for Agricultural & Haulage application
Tyre Front: 6 x 16 & 8PR
Rear: 12.4 x 28 /3.6 x 28 & 12R
Better Grip – Less slippage during field operation
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