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VST Shakti RT65 ⑦ - Rotary Tiller

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  • VST Shakti RT65 ⑦ - Rotary Tiller
  • Adjustable depth bar
  • 18" Tilling width
  • 13" DUAL direction Self- sharpening tynes
  • Easy de-weeding
Engine Make, Model
Kohler Power Group, Command PRO CH 270
Engine Type
Air cooled 4-Stroke OHV Petrol engine
Net Power
7 HP / 3600 rpm
Cont. Rated Power
6.6 HP / 3600 rpm
Net Torque
Air Filter
Oil bath with sponge
Starting System
Recoil start
Fuel Tank Capacity
3.1 ltrs
Engine Stop
Engine on/off button
Power Transmission
Via Special V-belt, Pulley
Tynes Rotating Direction
DUAL (forward & reverse rotary tilling)
No. of Speed
1 Forward + 1 Reverse
No. of Tynes
16 (two way self-sharpening tynes)
Tyne Diameter
Working Width
Working Depth
1”/3”/5”/7” Adjustable
Rotary Gear
Standard rotation & Counter rotation.
108 kgs
Rotary Cover
Protective cover provided with adjustable & detachable side cover
Handle Bar
Long handle bar for easy operation, height adjustable handle bar
Safety Features
Instant stoppage when clutch released
Front Weight
The One Who
Us and You!
VST Shakti
Create sustainable crop solution to enhance farm productivity
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