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VST Mitsubishi Shakti Rotary 2PR1100

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  • VST Mitsubishi Shakti Rotary 2PR1100
  • Produces fine seed bed with one or two passes before or after rains
  • Most suitable for removal of sugarcane, paddy, wheat, caster, grass, vegetable stubbles
  • It retains soil moisture and increases soil porosity and aeration, which enhance germination and growth of crops
  • It can be used in dry and wet fields
  • It tills soil finely, incorporates every kind of crops residues and improves the organic structure of soil
Model VST Mitsubishi Shakti 2PR1100
Width 1100 mm
Working Width 1020 - 1060 mm
Minimum PTO H.P. of Tractor 14.0
Approx. Weight 120 Kgs.
No of Blades 28
Working Depth 150 mm
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