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Spring Loaded Cultivator

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  • Spring Loaded Cultivator
  • Spring Loaded cultivator is used for tilling soil in the farms and gardens
  • Heavy duty spring cultivator is designed to withstand toughest work condition
  • High strength and rigid
  • Tough construction
  • Springs are for Heavy duty working
  • Depth of cultivation is with 3 point linkage system
Model 5 tynes spring loaded cultivator
Frame Angle (650 mm x 6 mm x 4 mm)
Dimensions (cm) 126 cm x 71 cm x 95 cm
Number of tynes 5 tynes
Tynes Profile cut tynes
Spring 26 coils
3 point linkage (mm) 50 mm x 10 mm
Depth Control Rear both LH & RH depth control lever provided
Shovel 3 hole shovel, thickness - 6 mm, width - 80 mm
Row Distance Fixed - 9 inch
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