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Shorter Rotary (340mm)

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  • Shorter Rotary (340mm)
  • Power Tiller fitted with a shorter rotary (340 mm) and extended lugged wheel is used for inter cultivation operation for deweeding and loosening the soil in Sugar cane fields.
  • A smaller furrower specially designed for Sugar cane field, can be used for bund formation which also helps in irrigation.
  • After Sugar cane harvesting, shorter rotary can be used for removing stubbles.
  • The stubble is pulverised and is mixed with the soil thereby forming organic manure.
Field Coverage / Day 1.5 to 2 acres
Short Rotary Width 340 mm (13 inches)
1. Smaller furrower
2. Extended lugged wheel

1 No.
1 Pair
No. of tynes 10 Nos.
Average Fuel Consumption 1.5 to 2 ltrs / hr
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