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Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

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  • Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill
  • The Automatic Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill is especially suitable for sowing seed of wheat, groundnut, soya bean, bengal gram etc.
  • Easy three point mounting
  • Seeding sowing distance can be maintained
  • Suitable for sowing directly after paddy harvest without prior seed preparation
  • Saves seeds, diesel and tractors working time
  • Saves labour cost
  • Gives higher yield crops
  • More than one crop seed sowing possible at a time
  • Multipurpose seed drill
    • Sowing seeds
    • Applying fertilizers
    • Covering the seeds with soil
Name Mini Tractor Seed drill
Model 5 Teeth - 10 pipe, 27 inch double hopper
No. of Rows 5 Adjustable
Row to Row spacing 7 inch standard and adjustable
Hopper Capacity Approx in Kg. For Seed - 16 kg for fertilizer - 20 kg
Weight Approx in Kg. 120 Kg
Which seed for sowing Wheat, groundnut, cotton, castor, garlic, maize, cumin, soya bean, sunflower, paddy (Dry-land) all types of grains, cereals and pulses seeds.
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