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Ridger (Furrower)

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  • Ridger (Furrower)
  • The Ridger is used for making ridges for row crops such as Sugercane, Potato, chillies, tobacco, banana etc. as well as for opening furrows for water flow.
  • The ridger should be used when the soil is slightly moist and used only after tilling the land once or twice.
  • The Ridger is fitted on the Rotary assembly with the help of a special bolt & nut.
Field Coverage / Day 1 to 1.25 acres
Average Fuel Consumption 1.5 to 2 ltrs / hr
Depth of Furrow (adjustable) 250 to 300 mm (10 - 12 inches) max
Width of Furrow (adjustable) 375 to 450 mm (15 - 18 inches) max
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