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Plastic Mulch Laying Machine

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  • Plastic Mulch Laying Machine
  • Plastic Mulch Laying Machine is an effective implement for mini tractors in horticulture fields to encounter labour & water savings
  • Easy mounting with built-in three point linkage
  • Especially suitable for preparing bed, laying mulch film, laying drip pipe and holes punching
  • Hole punching distance can be uniformly maintained
  • Saves labour cost and working time
  • Gives higher yield crops
  • Protection for weeds
  • Saves water and fertilizers
  • 4 in 1 operation:
    • Bed preparation
    • Mulch film laying
    • Drip pipe laying
    • Hole punching
Model Name VST Shakti Plastic Mulch Laying Machine
Mulch Film Required Roll type with 3 feet width
Max. Height of bed 6 inch
Max. Width of bed 2.5 feet
Max. Width of film 2 feet
Row to Row spacing 4 feet
Drip pipe attachment Adjustable for all types of rolls
Hole punching spacing Single, Double and Zigzag
6,12,18,24,30,26,42 inch (adjustable)
Weight approx. in kg 160 Kg
Usage All vegetation and horticultural crops
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