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Front End Loader

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  • Front End Loader
  • The most versatile attachment for a tractor would be a front end loader
  • This has the ability to lift, pry, pull, and push which increases the utility of tractor
  • Load can be lifted to a maximum height of 10 ft.
  • Front bucket can be tailor made to suit to the customer
  • Highly manoeuvrable with our compact tractor
  • The front end loader is equally balanced for high stability and rigidity when lifting and shifting loads
  • Front bucket when replaced with a flat plate works like a dozer
  • Heavy loads lying on floor can be easily pushed to desired location
  • Ideally suited where big vehicles cannot be employed
  • Eliminates labour and reduces time with increased efficiency
  • 300 kgs load can be lifted to a maximum height of 10 ft
  • Front end loader / dozer is rigidly mounted on the chassis of the tractor
  • A counter balance weight is provide at the back of the tractor
  • Hydraulic cylinders, Oil seals are of highest quality ensuring zero dropping or leakage
  • Front Bucket size – 0.2 cu mts
  • A trolley can also be attached
  • It is easy to fix or remove the attachment
  • Over all lift height is 10 ft
  • This is a compact loader
  • Tractor can enter in small spaces and easy for manevourbility
  • Hydraulic tapping is from the tractor or from external source
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